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Flea Markets
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NOVA-Antiques does not manage, own, promote or operate the flea markets listed on this page.  Although we try to verify all listings prior to publication, there are times that date, location and times changes are made by owners and promoters that are not communicated to us in a timely manner.  It is a good idea to check to make sure the event is still on before embarking on a journey.  All inquiries about these flea markets such as place, directions and time should be directed to the promoter, owner or manager of the show. 

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Pennsylvania Flea Markets 2

Rice's Market, 6326 Greenhill Road, New Hope, Pennsylvania, 215.297.5993

Rice’s Market in an outdoor flea market spilling over 80 acres. They claim to have been around for over 100 years.  Rice’s Market in New Hope, Pennsylvania has hundreds of vendors and thousands of visitors on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  The vendors at Rice’s Market sell everything from antiques and collectibles to jewelry, produce, clothing and household products.

Quakertown Farmer & Flea Market, 201 Station Road, Quakertown, Pennsylvania, 215.536.4115

Quakertown Farmer Market & Flea Market is a 225,000 square foot flea market featuring both indoor and outdoor booths.  They have space for over 500 vendors and dealers and are open on Friday through Monday.  This flea market is unique in that is has a Walk-in Bingo area.  The market is easy to get to and has plenty of free parking and great food. 


Clark Park People's Flea Market, 43rd & Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 215.387.0919

Clark Park People's Flea Market is one of the largest indoor farmer and flea markets in Pennsylvania.  This indoor flea market can hold more than 300 vendors. At Clark Park People’s Flea Market, you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables as well as antiques, collectibles, crafts and used household items.  Parking is free and plentiful and the people are real friendly.


Hometown Farmers & Flea Market, 125 Mahanoy Avenue, Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, 717.668.2630

Hometown Farmers & Flea Market is located in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania and is open year round on Wednesdays.  This famers and flea market attracts more than three hundred vendors and dealers and visitor attendance peaks at about seven thousand daily.  In addition to fresh farm produce, meats, fresh cut flowers and baked goods, The Hometown Farmers & Flea Market also features handcrafted items, antiques and vintage collectibles as well as new and used household and personal merchandise.


Leighty’s Farm Market, Old Route 220 South, Newry, Pennsylvania, 814.695.5151

Leighty’s Farm Market located in Newry, Pennsylvania also hosts a flea market on Saturdays and Sundays in April thru October.  This twenty nine acre indoor and outdoor flea market attracts hundreds of vendors and thousands of visitors each month.  Aside from fresh farm produce, baked goods, and fresh cut flowers, Leighty’s Farm Market Flea Market also specializes in antiques, collectibles, vintage and handcrafted items.


Pennsy Flea Market, 1600 S Warfield Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 215.463.FLEA

Pennsy Flea Market is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is open year round on Saturdays and Sundays.  This indoor flea market attracts hundreds of vendors and thousands of visitors from the tri-state area and around the country.  Pennsy Flea Market features new and used merchandise as well as antiques, collectibles and vintage items.


Treasures Show & Sale, University of Pennsylvania, 3260 South Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 215.898.9213

The Treasures Show and Sale is an antique show normally held at the end of October or beginning of November at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and benefits the Penn Museum.  The Treasures Show and Sale features about forty antiques and collectibles dealers from around the country selling fine arts, antiques, collectibles and jewelry.


Philadelphia Park Flea Market, 4800 Street Road, Trevose, Pennsylvania, 732.558.5016

Philadelphia Park Flea Market is located in Trevose, Pennsylvania and is open on Sundays from April thru December.  This flea market attracts hundreds of vendors and thousands of visitor from the tri-state area each month.  The Philadelphia Park Flea Market features new and used household merchandise as well as antiques, vintage collectibles and handcrafted items.


More Flea Markets in Pennsylvania . . . > > >

Pennsbury  Chadds-Ford Antique Mall Flea Market, 640 E. Baltimore Pike, Chadds-Ford, Pennsylvania, 610.388.1620


Hi-Way Drive In Flea Market, 225A Route 30 East, Latrobe, Pennsylvania, 724.537.7418


309 Drive In Flea Market, Routes 309 & 63, Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, 215.249.9692


New Hope Flea Market, Route 202, New Hope, Pennsylvania, 215.862.3111


Nottingham Flea Market, 101 Ponds Edge Drive, Nottingham, Pennsylvania, 610.998.0960


Hazen Flea Market, Route 28 N, Warsaw, Pennsylvania, 814.328.2536


Sunset Drive In Flea Market, 808 Route 97, Waterford, Pennsylvania, 814.796.4883


Willow Glen Flea Market, Willow Glen Park, Willow Glen, Pennsylvania, 610.376.0539


Crossroads Antique Faire, East Pittsburgh Street, Delmont, Pennsylvania, 724.929.0234


Claysville Big Flea Market, 24 Varner Drive, Claysville, Pennsylvania, 570.568.8080


Stoudt's Antique Capital, Route 272, Adamstown, Pennsylvania,  717.484.4386


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